Sarah Uhing

Director of production and sales, Manager of operations in U.S., and Chocolate Maker

Sarah Uhing brings a wide range of skills to Captain’s Chocolate.  A list of her job titles includes Entrepreneur, Speaker, Accountant, Sales
Professional, Plant Manager, Master Scheduler, and Office Administrator.   This wide range of professional experience has become a great boon to Captain’s Chocolate as she directs the United States side of the business.   Sarah is the “mover and shaker” for our production and sales in the US, as well as handling our internet commerce.

Here is the story, in Sarah’s own words, about how she became a dark chocolate lover and transitioned into a chocolate maker.   “I have been a chocolate junkie for many years, but every time I tried dark chocolate I thought it tasted terrible.  I wouldn’t touch the stuff.  Well…unless there was no other option available and I HAD to have some chocolate.  I would go to the “dark side”, but I didn’t really like it.  Then came the DARK CHOCOLATE AWAKENING.  My brother Mark (Captain Mark) was making his own chocolate and brought some to Wisconsin when he visited.  Of course, I didn’t want to hurt his feelings and not eat any of his chocolate, so I HAD to try some.  It blew me away how delicious it was.  I actually LIKED how it tasted.  I would take a bite and let it melt on my tongue and just enjoy all the different flavors.  I especially liked the after taste, which to me tasted like raisins, or some kind of sweet fruit.   At that point, I became a devotee of Costa Rican dark chocolate.  Well, more specifically Captain Mark’s chocolate.  Several years ago, Mark began talking about starting a chocolate company.  I was all in!  Starting a company whose true purpose is to help others fits perfectly with my philosophy of passing forward the blessings I have been given.   Being able to use my organizational and humanitarian skills to further Captain’s Chocolate gives me great personal satisfaction.   Since the start of Captain’s Chocolate I have become a true chocolate maker.  I can now make chocolate that is absolutely the best.  I truly hope every bite you take will be a blessing to your taste buds and your health.”


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