Mark Roth

Founder of Captain's Cocoa Co. and Chocolate Maker

Captain Mark, as many call Mark Roth, has been married to Linda for 42 years.  He was raised in Wisconsin, and made his first road trip to Alaska when he was 20.  Now Mark is a commercial salmon fisherman in Alaska, amongst many other things.  Mark and Linda have four grown sons, who also have their own fishing boats, they have three daughters-in-law, and four delightful grandchildren.

Mark’s first trip to Costa Rica was in December 1999, and he fell in love with the country, the lush green foliage, the kind and helpful people and the warm temperatures.  He purchased a farm in the low mountains of the Limon province just below where the indigenous peoples live, where he has cacao trees growing.  Mark has been in farming, construction, roofing, commercial fishing (salmon, halibut and cod), truck driving, salvage of trucks, used vehicle dealership, rentals, a teen mission camp, boat building, and now chocolate making.
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